Previs workshop: Weeks 1&2

I’ll keep here a record of my progress on the CGMA Previs workshop with Bevin Carnes.

For the first week’s assignment, I had to create a scene of my own invention and told it in 5-10 shots. I decided to keep the action simple and the narrative solid:


For the second week we had to deal with “unexpected notes”, and change the setting of the scene to either underwater, flying in the air, or put Santa Claus in it (interesting challenge!). My approach was to try and respect the original story and shots as much as possible while incorporating the elements from the notes.


New focus & Storyboard samples

I’m currently focusing on improving my narrative and visual storytelling skills, therefore I’m making an extra effort to produce, compile and show samples of storyboards, previsualization, etc.

The samples of modeling, animation and such that I have available at the moment are either quite outdated, or studio work of unreleased projects that cannot be currently showcased. I will be uploading more of that as I produce them.