Edu & Chas

I have always been a huge film fan, but my interest in CG started way back when I first saw “Jurassic Park” on the cinema. Since then, I tinkered on my own, starting with Autodesk Animator and the MSDOS versions of 3D Studio, and self-learned a few things.

It wasn’t until years later, after quitting my studies and realising I wasn’t on the path I would really like, that I decided to focus and study CG. Eleven years later, my studies and experience have made me a CG generalist, experienced in modeling, animation, rigging, and lots of different stuff. Even texturing and some render work, despise being mildly color blind! Right now, I work as animator in Social Point, a mobile gaming studio in Barcelona, recently acquired by Take Two Interactive.

At the same time I was working on my CG career, I have always been collaborating with indie filmmakers on several short films, doing all sorts of stuff, from scripwriting and storyboarding to almost co-directing and basically doing a bit of everything on set (that’s guerrilla filmmaking for you!).

Recently, I have made the decision to join my experience with CG and my passion for films and filmmaking, and move my career towards a role with more input on visual narrative and storytelling, being specially interested in the areas of previsualization for films and narrative-heavy games, and cinematic animation for games.

I have ended with a text way more formal than I wanted, so I’ll just say that I cook an awesome lasagna, and I make silly faces whenever someone points a camera at me.