Welcome! My latest reel will always be posted here on the front page. You can find additional work samples clicking on the categories on the right side menu (desktop browsers), or the bottom of the page (mobile browsers).

Reel breakdown:

1 – “Astrokings: Stargate”
Previsualization for cinematic ad. (Tilting Point, 2021)
Cameras, layouts, animation, lighting and FX.
Done in Unreal Engine, using vendor assets for the ships and library assets for environment and FX.

2 – “Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest”
Previsualization for cinematic trailer. (Tilting Point, 2019)
Character rigs and animation, cameras, layouts, temporary FX and lighting.
Done in Maya using Advanced Skeleton for rigging, library assets for environment. Rendered in Maya Hardware.

3 – “Cave fight”
Previs exercise. (CGMA workshop, 2017)
Camera and character animation, environment modeling & lighting, simple rigging for props.
Done on Maya using HumanIK for rigging. Rendered in Maya Hardware.

4 – “Reign of Empires: Gandhi”
Previsualization for cinematic ad. (Tilting Point, 2020)
Cameras, layouts, lighting and FX.
Done in Unreal using in-house model (Gandhi), mocap library animations, and library assets for environments and characters (Warrior, dragons).